Turning Point aims to provide young men, 8-24, with guidance and assistance as to give them the best chance of establishing their lives and gaining financial independence.

According to the Los Angeles Performance Partnership Pilot, 1 out of 6 youth do not work or go to school. Turning Point we have identified five core societal  issues affecting at-risk youth: Poverty, Gangs, Poor Education, Lack of Role Models and Substance & Sexual Abuse

Turning Point shall address these issues by:

  1. After School Tutoring program:

    Tutoring for each student’s weak subject area(s), preparation for standardized tests specifically focusing on reading, math, and science, arts and music classes, basic computer skills classes (computers provided).

    The program will be ran by volunteers and each student in need will be assigned a volunteer to improve the particular student’s critical subject areas.

  2. “Success Factors” Mentorship Roundtable

    Each week, participants in the Success Factors program will join a roundtable of qualified experts who will educate them on key attributes for success. Each week will have a different emphasis such as: Social Etiquette, Economic Awareness, Presentation (How to Dress for the Job you want), etc.

  3. Counseling Programs

    Depending on the specific needs and goals, the participant can receive:
    Financial independence & literacy counseling
    Family planning counseling
    Mental health counseling

We also hope to end the cycle of fatherless children by teaching young men to be responsible providers, protectors, and friends. We plan to help these young men build strong, long-lasting relationships with their family and people of authority.

Since 2010, Turning Point has counseled over 300 youths. We are happy to say that 80% have gone on to achieve higher education and further their successes both financially and with interpersonal relationships.

Although Turning Point has been successful at fulfilling the needs of 300 youth in the past, the demand for our services is far greater than our current operational budget. With a programming grant, we’ll have more access to resources, which will increase our reach in the community.